Rock Paper Poison Ceramics

  My name is Bethany Scott and I make ceramic tableware. I attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design for painting but in my second year I took my first ceramics course and fell in love with clay. It is the constant room for exploration that interests me most about ceramics. I research my clay and designs and create many of my own glazes so that each tableware set I produce is new and fresh for the season. I want my work to find its way into people’s homes and lives, connecting them with the beauty and joy of everyday objects.
I work out of my home studio in Orillia Ontario. My bowls, plates, mugs, cups and vases are all created on the potter’s wheel, then they are hand painted with underglaze and carved. The work then goes through a bisque firing in the kiln. I create and apply a glaze and the work goes through the final glaze firing before it is ready for sell.
As a producer of objects, I am very conscious of the effects my work has on the environment. I use nontoxic and food safe glazes on my work. Knowing that what I create is durable and will be around for a long time I do not fire work unless I am satisfied that it is the best possible quality that I can produce.

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