Apple Pie Trail Special DIY “Eat Local” Grocery Tote

We are thrilled to be participating in this years Apple Pie Trail Thornbury Taste with our neighbors here in Thornbury. The event runs from October 17th-27th, and we are pleased to offer a very special craft dedicated to our community available at our very own DIY Craft Bar.
We’ve designed an awesome heat transfer vinyl decal that is applied to your reusable canvas tote bag. The tote is different than pictured, and measures much larger at 20” width, 15” height and 5” depth. The handles measure 20”. You’ll learn to weed out your decal, and apply it to your bag. You can then add decorative stamps to make your bag truly one of a kind. 

8 person max at a time

Craft bar will be open from 10-4pm daily starting October 17th


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