The Social Tea

Cream of Earl Grey - A remix of the classic Earl Grey.  This tea has subtle bergamot notes with a creamy vanilla bean finish.  It makes the perfect cup of tea or add a little vanilla syrup and some steamed milk for beautiful London Fog. With black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavour. Has caffeine.

Peppermint - Our Organic Peppermint tea will leave your senses refreshed.  This beautiful autumn harvested peppermint is cool, fresh and hugely aromatic.  Enjoy a cup any time of the day, especially after eating, it's great for digestion. With organic peppermint leaves. No caffeine

Masala Chai - Our Masala Chai is full bodied tea enhanced with South Indian spices.  The finish has cardamom notes peeking out from lively ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.  Superb with milk and sugar or maple syrup. With black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black and white pepper, clove, nutmeg. Has caffeine

English Breakfast - A perfect breakfast tea with good body and a full tea flavour.  Our English Breakfast will have you jumping out of bed to enjoy your first sip of the day! With Black tea, has caffeine.

Toffee Apple - This tea is naturally sweet, with lots of apple and caramel notes and a hint of nuttiness. It's a perfect treat when you want something sweet. With apple, hibiscus, rosehip and natural flavour. No caffeine.

Pumpkin Pie - The perfect fall tea that combines the savory flavours of pumpkin and the warmth of cinnamon.  It's everything wonderful about fall in a single sip. With apple, carrot, hibiscus, cinnamon, pomegranate, beet, cardamom, sea buckthorn, pumpkin and natural flavours. Has caffeine.

Energize - Robust and energizing. Yerba maté notes are tempered with refreshing lemon and a lovely spearmint finish. With green mate, lemongrass, spearmint leaves, gingko, ginseng, nettle, calendula, cornflower and sunflower petals. Has caffeine.

Summer Peach - Inspired by the idea that we should always share the best things in life with others. We are pretty sure that you will agree this tea is one of those things. A black tea with peach, apricot, papaya pieces, blackberry leaves, calendula petals and sunflower petals. Has Caffeine.

Raspberry Lemonade - The most amazing summer beverage made with apple pieces, lemon verbena, lemongrass, hibiscus, lemon pieces, raspberry pieces and cornflower petals. Has caffeine.

Jasmine Green - Looking for that perfect refreshing morning pick me up? Look no further that our organic jasmine green tea! Made with organic green tea leaves. Has caffeine.

Immunity Blend - Give your body the ultimate immunity boost with this immunity Blend tea. Made with lemongrass leaves, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, apple pieces, hibiscus, stevia leaves, cloves and cardamon. No caffeine.

White Blueberry - Packed with a powerful blueberry punch this tea is sure to please! Made with white tea leaves and wild blueberries. Has caffeine.

Orange Pekoe - 

Vanilla Chai -

Scottish Caramel - 

Pecan Shortbread - 

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